In depth features WebPro 2 WebPro2
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 Guarantees included:
  90 Money Back
  99.9% or better Uptime

 Premium 24/7 Technical Support
  24/7 Toll-free phone #

 Standard 24/7 Technical Support
  Web-based Ticketing
  Email-based Ticketing
  Discussion forum
 Disk Space included
 (overages at $1.02/GiB/month)
20 GiB 20 GiB 2 GiB
 Data transfer included
 (overages at $1.02/GiB/month)
200 GiB 200 GiB 20 GiB
 Number of domains that can be hosted on account 1 1 1
 Number of subdomains that can be hosted on account (like and  3 3 3
 Dedicated IP address      
 Use your own domain name    
 International domain names supported    
 Linux web server
 Huge list of included software with easy point-and-click install or pre-installed (Fantastico)
 Users & email accounts WebPro 2  WebPro2
Additional Domain 
 Number of included POP3/IMAP Accounts 100 100 10
 Number of included Email Forwarding Accounts 100 100 100
 Number of included FTP Accounts 20 20 2
 Number of included Autoresponders 100 100 10
 Web based email available (horde, SquirrelMail, or roundcube)      
 Outgoing SMTP email - special restrictions apply      
 Access tools & control panels  WebPro 2  WebPro2
Additional Domain
 Easy to use web based administration
 Web site statistics  WebPro 2 WebPro2
Additional Domain 
 Full Access Logs    
 Web Viewable Statistics      
 E-commerce features WebPro 2  WebPro2
Additional Domain
 SSL/TLS capable    
 Real Time Credit Card Processing capable      
 Large number of included shopping cards and e-commerce applications      
 Media Streaming WebPro 2  WebPro2
Additional Domain
 Streaming supported via HTTP      
 Multiple domain name & reseller features  WebPro 2  WebPro2
Additional Domain
 Customers of resellers can manage their own domains    
 Programming features WebPro 2 WebPro2
Additional Domain 
 All client-side technologies supported (HTML5, Flash, Java Script, etc.)    
 Custom Error Messages (404s, etc.)      
 PHP Supported      
 Zend Optimizer (PHP accelerator)      
 SSI supported (server side includes)      
 Crontab Control      
 Your own cgi-bin Directory      
 Database features WebPro 2 WebPro2
Additional Domain 
 24/7 Server & Network Monitoring      
 1000Mbit/sec Switched Network      
 1200Gbit/sec Bandwidth Available via Fiber Optics      
 Fully Optimized BGP routing      
 Uninterruptible Power with Generator Backup      
 Daily Off-site Data Backups      
 Redundant Fiber-optic Feeds to Building      
 Server Features (subject to change) WebPro 2 WebPro2
Additional Domain 
 Error correcting RAM      
 Lightning Fast Error Correcting Multiple-Redundant Hot-Swap Multi-Tiered Hybrid Storage System      
 Redundant hot-swappable cooling fans      
 Redundant hot-swappable power supplies      
 Auto-failover redundant servers      
 Monthly fee $10 + free setup

$7 + free setup
(requires full price main account)
$1 + free setup
(paid annually)


Customer Quips

  • D.K. praises:

    "I've learned to be the most careful consumer you'll ever find, and have twenty-some domains hosted with the best hosting company you'll ever hope to do business with. They take issues of security and reliability just about as seriously as I do, and the needs of their customers truly to heart: They actually listen. They really do care about the slightest problem, and don't mind sharing their extensive knowledge and experience. Beats anything I've ever seen.

    Above all else, they have been completely truthful; there's no radio button big enough to measure their integrity, which puts them way above the very few that I would ever consider as *real* competition. Don't be fooled by an industry so filled with empty promises: If your online presence is important to you, and your intentions are good? Then move your domain(s) to Advantagecom Networks ~;-)"

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